Hotel Services


  • Hotel Marketing & Sales: We will develop amazing accommodation packages that cater to your guests every need.
  • Hotel Bookings: We attract bookings through our OTA website. You will enjoy 24/7 reservations and simplify customer service, minimise time spent doing administration, and avoid overbooking.
  • Website Development: Our team of developers can make your business stand out on the World Wide Web.
  • Social Media: Our team will develop an online digital strategy and online presence that captures the essence of your business and attracts guests.
  • Tour Operator: Our tour management services are designed to give your guests an experience during their Guyana adventures.


Guyana’s market is unique when compared to other territories in the Caribbean and West Indies. Until now, there has never been a focus on the hospitality and tourism sectors by successive Guyana governments. This means that there are very few established hospitality brands. With the exception of Marriott, Ramada, and Pegasus, Guyana’s hotel landscape is dominated by smaller properties consisting of fewer than 100 rooms. These hotels have distinct advantages with regards to price, amenities, and character which can be used to market them and ultimately increase occupancy.

Many of these properties have not been marketed to highlight their unique character and benefits to the potential hotel guest. KlicBook’s aim is to develop unique marketing packages and services in order to attract guests looking for a unique hospitality experience. KlicBook’s client base consists of these properties whose owners seek to maximize the potential income that can be generated from their properties when proven and effective hospitality marketing techniques and systems are introduced.



KlicBook offers a wide range of services and has developed a number of competitive advantages that will bolster profitability and auger sustainable growth for our hotel business. These advantages include but are not limited to:

  • A dynamic and experienced management team
  • Highest standard of customer service by all KlicBook personnel
  • A unique business model that maximizes revenues reduces costs and maximizes profits
  • A unique blend of services developed for your property
  • Affiliations and partnerships in many economically viable networks
  • Customer care programmes
  • Strategic planning for our clients
  • Ongoing high-profile marketing and promotional programmes inclusive of social media
  • Implementation of the latest hospitality management technology


  • Honors and Points Program
  • Social Media posting
  • Weekly Packages
  • VIP Packages
  • Tell a friend points program
  • Guest Feedback