Hotel Management Services


  • Hotel Consultancy: Our hotel consultancy services will help your business grow through our expertise, change navigation planning, and help you save time and money to meet your business ROI.
  • Hotel Bookings: We attract bookings through various OTA websites. You will enjoy 24/7 reservations and simplify customer service, minimise time spent doing administration, and avoid overbooking.
  • Hotel Management and Administration: With our hands-on team of managers and staff, you can leave the heavy lifting to us to guarantee the smooth flow of your operation.
  • Service Charge Implementation: We can implement a Service Charge system that incentivizes staff to offer the highest level of service.
  • Sky Technology (Hotel):  We use the latest technology to efficiently manage your hotel. Our hotels under management are accessible, clean, and comfortable.
  • Sky Technology (Restaurant): Our restaurant management software and systems will allow your establishment to run smoothly. We can also develop a menu that offers a diverse variety of cuisine that is very satisfying to everyone’s taste.
  • Website Development: Our team of developers can make your business stand out on the world wide web.
  • Social Media: Our team will develop an online digital strategy and online presence that captures the essence of your business and attracts guests.
  • Tour Operator: Our tour management services are designed to give your guests an experience during their Guyana adventures.
  • Hotel Sales and Marketing: We will develop amazing accommodation packages that cater to your guests every need.



Skytel offers a wide range of services and  has created a number of competitive advantages that will bolster profitability and auger sustainable growth for your business . These advantages include but are not limited to:
  • A dynamic and experienced management team
  • Highest standard of customer service by all Skytel personnel
  • A unique business model that maximizes revenues, reduces costs and drives profits
  • A unique blend of services under one roof unattainable in our catchment area
  • Affiliations and partnerships in many economically viable networks
  • Customer Care Programmes
  • Strategic planning for all our clients
  • Ongoing high-profile marketing and promotional programmes inclusive of traditional and social media